Solution Features

The Individually Managed Portfolio solution integrates model portfolio creation with a complete portfolio administration solution allowing for greater control in the management of a clients investment portfolio. The main features include:

Managed Discretionary Accounts (MDAs)

Pluto offers a full service application for MDA operators. Our software reduces costs, attaining better outcomes for both advisers and clients, making it the best solution for MDA operators. Its unique features have been designed and tested in Australia, PLUTO users don't have their assets held in custody by a third party, this reduces risk to the investor as well as custody costs.

Pluto allows real time trading with your Broker, get stocks at the right price.

Under this unique system, all MDA operations can be completed in house. It has also been optimized for SMSF's, allowing alerts for pension and other payments.

Model Portfolio Creation

Our unique system gives dealer groups, asset managers and advisers the ability to create and modify model portfolios for their clients.

Establish asset allocation profiles, select individual investments in each asset class and build your portfolios using the system tools.

Individual client portfolios are then attached to your model portfolios allowing advisers and asset managers to rebalance and place investments in bulk. Any changes to model portfolios are reflected at the client level through the rebalancing process.

Bulk Rebalancing & Trading

Once client portfolios are attached to model portfolios the system allows advisers and asset managers to rebalance client portfolios in bulk.

Based on parameters established during model portfolio creation, the system in minutes, calculates all required trades. A direct link to Desktop Broker ensures that trade information in the system can be transferred in bulk (providing trading volumes exists) to the broker's trading platform and is processed with no re-keying of trade details.

The unique part of this is it allows advisers and asset managers to move on trading opportunities as they arise, with very little time between making decisions and executing trades. Advisers and asset managers do not have to wait for an administrator to place the trades for you. Given that the adviser or asset manager is aware of the volumes to be purchased, they have complete control in ensuring the best price is achieved.

Tax Planning

A significant feature that is often ignored or under-estimated is the focus on "after-tax" results. The system provides tax calculations and reporting for all entities, including complex capital gains, foreign and domestic income.

Tax reports include:

  • Taxable Income
  • Realised and Unrealised gains/losses
  • Reconciliation of capital gains

Rather than calculating tax at the end of the financial year, the tax effect of each sale is calculated when it occurs. This means that the tax position of your client's portfolios are constantly updated. Your client's capital gains tax position can be reviewed before the end of the financial year, thereby allowing you to make the necessary adjustments to maximise gains or losses depending on your client's situation.

This could potentially save your clients thousands of dollars.

Self Managed Superannuation Funds

While price data, share trades, dividend payments and cash account transactions are automatically updated, the system allows advisers to update the following items on behalf of their clients allowing them to track all financial aspects of their clients' portfolios:

  • Contribution Details
  • Pension Payments
  • Member Balances
  • Other Related Transactions

Accounting Software Export Facility

The system has the ability to export information into several different formats for accounting systems (e.g. BGL Simple Fund). This facility has proven to save up to 80% of time in the preparation of end of year financial statements for self managed superannuation funds.

Online Client Access

The system allows advisers to provide their clients with online access to view their portfolio information and produce a range of different performance and investment reports. They can view individual investments, cash account balances, asset allocation details and download any investment statements uploaded to the system.

Client Administration

Client Reporting
Advisers have the ability to produce a large range of reports for groups of clients or an individual client. Reports available include valuation reports, performance reports, CGT information, income summaries, taxation information and transaction reports.

Administrative Reporting
This system allows Advisers to produce a range of client administration reports on a bulk level. Types of reports available include, client details, valuation summaries, holding reports, cash account summaries, performance reports and financial reports.

Client Document Facility
This system has a client document facility allowing advisers and their clients access to an online document storage facility.
These documents are available through both adviser and client logins and can be extracted individually or in bulk, assisting in preparation for SMSF audits. Documents that can be stored in the system include, contract notes, holding statements, corporate action information, dividend statements, income statements and cash account statements.

Document Merge Facility
There are several standard documents and forms within the system. Advisers and their staff can merge or pre-fill these documents with general client information. Advisers also have the ability to create and upload other documents to take advantage of the merge facility.